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my life has completely shifted

Chrissy B. | Cosmic Kindreds Member

"I came across Ixchelle 3 years ago and since then my life has completely shifted. Ixchelle's words have always resonated as truth when I was navigating during my waking up process!! She is such a beacon of light for our spiritual community. Her love of humanity is felt thru her words and her kind heart. I feel so blessed to be amongst a community of like-minded people seeking their truth. Thank you, my beautiful soul sister, I will always be eternally grateful for your presence in my life."

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  • Having an exclusive and supportive community of Lightworkers, Starseeds, Truth Seekers, Freedom Fighters, and Wisdom Keepers?
  • The excitement of understanding this world and more importantly how to mold it to your advantage!
  • UPLEVELING your spiritual growth!
  • Being able to navigate what's coming with confidence!
  • Having the information to discerning between the noise and the truth! 
  • Finally feeling empowered!
  • Transforming your entire life!

Powerful and Inspiring

Leah A. | Cosmic Kindreds Member

"I’m very grateful for the membership. Having a group of people with similar values and ways of seeing the world is invaluable right now especially with current events. I am particularly grateful for the group energy work, the energy reports, and others’ energetic perspectives because it helps me align with my OWN truth in a space of safety. And being in the field of so many energy workers is really powerful and inspiring!"

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Dozens of Channeled Energy Reports

Each month I bring through several in-depth written energy report to help us navigate the current energy frequencies.  These reports will offer you support and direction as we continue through these dynamic timelines. I will also be able to share on topics that are censored elsewhere.


Hundreds of In depth Posts on Ascension, Healing, Manifestation and more

You'll get immediate access to the powerful game-changing information that will help you transform into your highest self. From manifestation, to unraveling the nature of our reality, to ascension dynamics we cover a LOT. Get ready to transform!


Exclusive Q&A

Ask questions related to ascension, the guides, timelines and more in our exclusive Q&A sessions. No more feeling like you are in the dark!


private community & App + Personal Access to me!

You won't be in the hands of a "moderator". I am present in the community daily, answering your questions and offering love and support.

We share this sacred space in on own private platform

(Mighty Networks). This is our sacred container to ask questions, share our journey, and connect with other like-minded souls!

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I highly recommend this community

Joleah K. | Cosmic Kindreds Member

"I love being a part of this community. It's a safe healing space, it fills me up and it gives me tools of light to be able to share and bless others with. Connecting with Ixchelle Has been a huge immeasurable blessing for me. I was really able to ground into my awakening process, where before I felt like I had all these pieces to a marvelous puzzle that I just couldn’t make a clear picture out of. I highly recommend this community for anyone who is wanting a light-filled space with healing loving truth."

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BONUS  course!

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quantum creatorship

So many methods, modalities, and teaching hit a wall. As long as your rules operate from 3D limited consciousness you'll always run into the 3D barrier.⁠

It's only when you amplify yourself into limitless expansion, the innate part of you that is sovereign, that is part of Source, and that's is the creator, only THEN can you truly break through the 3D matrix and embody the multidimensional limitless reality.⁠

There is so much more to share about this critical awakening, so I'm inviting everyone to join me inside the Cosmic Kindreds Membership for a special free-to-members class (a class I was going to charge for, but the Guides gently nudged otherwise) QUANTUM CREATORSHIP!

We are manifesting a more aligned reality for ourselves and the powerful New Earth Framework!⁠ The 4-week course replay available now!

has been a...guiding light during tough times

Amy D. | Cosmic Kindreds Member

Being in Ixchelle’s community has been a grounding and guiding light during tough times this year. She gives so much with such a pure heart and intention but what I love about her is she isn’t afraid to talk about real shit! There’s no sugarcoating or dodging around darkness. I love Ixchelle’s realness and groundedness. There’s so much value in the community, including 2 amazing live zooms a month (recorded if you can’t make it) where you can submit your questions. And so many other amazing resources inside, energy reports, healings and resources, and support from Ixchelle and other members. Thank you so much Ixchelle

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  • The membership is simple! You will automatically be billed monthly and can cancel anytime with just a click.
  • Canceling is easy. You can cancel yourself within your personal Account area, no biggie. Just make sure you cancel a few days before the next billing cycle.
  • The membership is hosted on a private password-protected platform, I use Mighty Networks, which includes an easy-to-use app for those who prefer a mobile platform. This is our sacred space for sharing, witnessing, and growing.
  • As soon as you sign-up you'll have immediate access!
  • You'll receive email updates when new content is delivered and for reminders about the lives or special events. You can also adjust your notification settings.
  • The membership is fully online and available whenever you are.

Such a beautiful group of people!

Diane R. | Cosmic Kindreds Member

"I love being a part of the Cosmic Kindreds! It’s so nice to have a place to come together with such a supportive community to learn and grow. We all help each other out in times of need.
Such a beautiful group of people!"


  • Channeled energy reports to help you navigate!
  • Exclusive Q&A 
  • Exclusive posts and content!
  • Exclusive access to course scholarships!
  • Private and safe community designed for lightworkers!
  •  Cancel anytime
  • Like minded community of truth seekers, freedom lovers, and light warriors!

I feel totally supported and encouraged

Carol H. | Cosmic Kindreds Member

This group is wonderful.  I feel totally supported and encouraged, not only by Ixchelle, but the other wonderful members of the group.  With everything going on in the world, this has been a safe haven for me to share my thoughts, fears and aha moments.  Ixchelle is very generous with her time and content in this group.  I am so glad I am in this community and would highly recommend it to everyone.

I'm Ixchelle

Hello beautiful souls! I'm Ixchelle (eh-shell), a Los Angeles native and a lifelong multi-dimensional clairvoyant, seer, and energy worker. I am a mother, a teacher, an energy worker, and the creator/channeler of the Quantum Source Light Energy Healing Method of energy work.

I first began communicating with spirit as a small child, I've not known a time when spirit didn't speak to me. My ethereal guides have granted me access to the multi-dimensional nature of reality, space, and time. I humbly call my myself a Quantum Medium because so much of my contact and information revolves around the nature of our reality.

Although I have now stepped into my power and role as a lightworker, teacher, and healer, the truth is I never set out to be a mystic, in fact, for many years I pretended that my "gifts" didn't exist. I tried my best to live a "normal" life and told no one about my abilities. However, the universe had other plans for me. Lifelong clairvoyant visions led me along a string of revelations, from one reveal to the next, until I finally understood my purpose as a healer, lightworker, and wayshower.

I think of myself as a grounded, skeptical, and practical mystic. Though I am deeply humbled by this work I don't take myself too seriously. I'm also not interested in ego-centric "fluffy bunny" spirituality. Much of my work revolves around exposing truth, especially around "false light" within the spiritual community. My work is about raising the collective vibration with an open and honest heart and sometimes that means shaking things up a bit.

But truly, my purpose is to help YOU! To help you wake up to your divinity, your truth, and break the chains of programming that bind you. For you are absolutely amazing! You are meant to remember! Remember who you truly are. Remember your divinity. Remember your purpose and power. All you need is an open mind and an open heart. I'm honored to be part of your path toward sovereignty and awakening.

With love,


Ixchelle is a powerful seer, who operates with impeccable integrity and gentle compassion. Her voice itself carries energetic healing as she shares wisdom from Source. She is a divine channel honoring the vastness of you-and she is able to hold space for your shadow-loving both.

Christine Pensa 
@ArtThatMoves |   

Love Notes from more Beautiful Souls


All we can be in this life is authentic and walk in our truth, and Ixchelle does just that. And she does it in a gentle but firm, loving, nurturing way. To know her is to love her because she comes from such a place of love it lifts you up and aligns something within your heart.

She holds space for the soul's growth through her words, like medicine for the heart she seeks the truth out, she' researches and doesn't stop asking questions, and at the same time helps you find your voice to ask your questions. She is a shining light and we are all lucky to know her,

She is many things to me, a friend, a teacher, and a gifted healer. She helps you align with your soul's truth, by offering you the resources and information to do so.

Thank you infinitely for all you do Ixchelle.

Katie-Jane Wright | @andcrystals 


Upon my first connection with Ixchelle, I could feel immediately that she is a gifted soul. She has a wonderfully balanced and grounded energy that is founded in her ability to share knowledge, hold space, and explore with someone the depths of her experience in a loving, gentle but powerful manner.

A humble teacher, Ixchelle is compassionate and understanding of all walks of life and this is what makes her warm, open, and relatable. As a channel, she is incredibly talented and it is clear that her service in this world is to share what she learns so strongly from her spiritual experiences as well as her human experience - a very down to earth person, but a powerhouse of a soul.

I have been lucky enough to work with Ixchelle for over a year now and we have always been 'in tune', which I feel is a testament to how strongly she connects to people no matter where they are at on their journey.

Stephanie | @petalandmossspiritandbone




The Cosmic Kindreds Membership is a monthly online membership for spiritually awakening/awakened lightworkers, starseeds, and those on the ascension path. You can cancel anytime.


This membership community is for both those just beginning their awakening journey and those well established on their journey. We will cover a variety of topics that will serve people on every level of the journey.


All the content revolves around the ascension journey, which the journey back to know and remember oneself, our true origins. 


Ascension has many aspects but at its core is reconnecting to our divine and sovereign selves. It is the journey of remembering who we truly are and where we come from, beyond the reality in front of us. It is the mystical path back to a vibration of peace, love, and joy. It is healing old wounds and embodying our best versions. 


No. There are no gatekeepers to the truth and our divinity. There is no dogma either, you are encouraged to take what resonates and leave the rest. As we evolve our understanding of the universe and its mysteries we grow out of the need for religion. This is because any group that seeks to act as a gatekeeper to inner knowing and use fear as a means of control is not aligned with our highest good. I consider myself a way-shower but NOT a gatekeeper.


The membership is 100% digital. The membership offers monthly energy reports, posts and content about ascension, navigating our reality, healing, energy work, manifestation, and more. I also occasional have exclusive offers and discounts only available to members. 


Once you checkout you will receive an email granting you immediate access. You will continue to have access until you cancel.


All you need is an internet connection. You can access your membership on any device and there is a convenient app (Mighty Networks). 


You can pay securely with any bank card or credit card (payments are processed via Stripe). We have many international members as well.


Canceling is easy, simply navigate to your Account (upper right corner) and click "manage your membership". Hit "cancel" to cancel your membership before the next renewal. You will have access to the membership until your current term expires.


Once you cancel you and your current paid term expires, you will no longer have access to any of the online content. If you wish to come back you may do so when the membership is open to new members once again. 


 I am in the community daily (M-F) answering questions and cheering you on! I'm here to support you on your beautiful journey. If you wish to have more personal access you may also book a one-on-one session.


The membership is designed for both those new to their spiritual journey and for those more advanced. The topics are intended to be beneficial to souls at every level, and I do take care to briefly explain any topics that may be new to you.


Any questions can be emailed to ixchelle@starseeddreaming. Although I often answer queries immediately please allow up to 1-2 business days for a response.


Because of the low monthly cost and because members are given immediate access to everything at sign up I do not offer refunds for monthly plans, however you can cancel before the next billing date. 

That said, please let me know if you encounter any problem with your membership. Customer support is a high priority of mine and it's important to me that everyone has a good experience.

Of course, you can cancel at any time. If you are canceling please make sure to allow at least 48 hours before the next bill is set to charge.

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